We have experience and focus on commercial geoexchange (geothermal) design.

For larger geoexchange (geothermal) projects, clients often need assistance in a number of roles that Shine Energy Systems Inc. can fulfill:


  • geoexchange bid document creation
  • geoexchange feasibility assessment20131029_154658
  • geoexchange project management
  • geoexchange engineering design
  • geoexchange system optimization
  • FTC tests (formation thermal conductivity)
  • geoexchange system troubleshooting
  • geoexchange system service calls
  • energy modelling (schools, greenhouses, warehouses, etc.)
  • geoexchange field header flow balancing
  • geoexchange vault design and installation
  • HVAC sequence of operations document preparation
  • 3rd party review


Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your particular project.