Adding Cooling to a Hydronic System

A fair amount of our work is not really “geothermal”.  In this case, we are working with an existing boiler hydronic system converted to geothermal.

The initial conversion functioned, but had poor climate control.  Heat wasn’t all that adequate with the original staple up PEX spacing and there was no cooling option.

So, the plan is to work with fan convectors, and we’ll get to that in a follow-up post.

But first we took the opportunity to fix the existing boiler room plumbing.





A couple of items were taken care of besides tidying up the years of fixes:

  • constant differential pressure load pumps were installed to allow zoning flows to be controlled simply and effectively
  • remote REHAU headers (not shown) are installed to allow the future fan convector installation (heating and cooling)
  • makeup water done properly (pressure reducing valve, air separator, expansion tank, backflow preventor)

Now we have the proper foundation in which to move some heat and cool around the house.



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