Pond Loops – The Process in BC

Geoexchange pond loops are a cost-effective manner in which to heat and cool your building. Working in and around waterbodies requires due diligince on the contractor’s part. To ensure one requires the correct procedures and obtains the required permits one needs to complete and submit the following:

  • Crown Land Application form:  (application fee of $280.00) – tenure over the Crown Land – at this time, land tenures are taking up to a year to process. This process is best done by the client (landowner) directly due to the information required in it.
  • Water Notification: (no application fee). This is for the system installation and requires 72 hours prior to installation you will need to contact ecosystems directly. This form is best filled out by the installing contractor and/or engineer involved in the project.

It is also important to read and be familiar with the Best Management Practices for lake installations.

The following is supplemental information one should be aware of as well:

Note this information is current as of the date on this posting. It needs to be explicitly stated that we are talking about the requirements within the Province of British Columbia.  


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